Looking for a foreign national mortgage loan? Our team specializes in helping foreign nationals obtain mortgage loans to purchase homes, apartments and/or property in the United States. Leverage our years of experience that can better position you and/or your client to qualify for a foreign national loan.


Ross Home Loans has procedures in place that help streamline the loan process. Our expertise and knowledge helps foreign nationals better position themselves to qualify for a mortgage loan.

Can I get a Foreign National Loan in Florida

Even citizens from another country can get a foreign national mortgage loan in Florida. Foreign nationals have the opportunity to purchase and own homes in the U.S. Although foreign nationals can own proprieties there are certain stipulations and qualifications that differ from U.S. citizens.

What are Foreign National Loan Qualifications

Some general qualifications include limitations on the use of the dwelling being purchased. For example, Foreign Nationals can only purchase investment properties and second homes.

Additionally, lenders have to verify a foreign national borrowers income  and place of employment in their country either through an accountant or CPA. They will be obligated to show proof of their income for the past two years.

To get a foreign national mortgage, lenders have to verify their income in their country either through a letter from an accountant or CPA, plus information from their place of employment. They must show proof of their income from the past two years.

Keep in mind, qualifications may change from lender to lender which is why Ross Home Loans uses multiple lenders to find the best option for each client. Unlike many banks, Ross Home Loans can help determine which lenders have qualifications and terms that are the most suitable for each borrower helping each client get the best possible loan for their particular situation.

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